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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Under the Veil

It's almost midnight now and I am sitting in front of my desktop tapping away at the keyboard.It's long since I've written. Tonight I again wish to write but I thought to myself, 'what should I write about?' And it stuck me - Under the veil. I began blogging since the year 2007. I've grown up as a person. I understand things in a better way and have developed a clearer way of thinking. And along with growing up came something else - secrets. When you were kids you had little secrets and they ranged from rampaging the favorite toy of your little siblings to the chocolate you sneaked out of the refrigerator. When we grow up the size and seriousness of the secrets grow as well. How much do we like to keep things under the veil! We want it safe while we present the pretty picture to the rest of the world. If it's not our secrets, it's our friends'. "Promise me you won't tell this to anyone," your friend demands and you  meekly nod your head to say yes. And you end up being the guardian of their as well as your own secrets.

I had this teacher during my last semester who helped us to groom our personalities. There is something she said that kind of instigated me. "No one should ever be able to know you completely," she said. And I was like,"What rubbish!" I still argue with myself on what she said. You shouldn't let others know everything about yourself. Really??? I mean what are friends for then. Friends do know you in an out. I watch a T.V series - Grey's Anatomy. Two of the leads in the show, Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang, are best friends
and call themselves each other's person. They know each other in and out. And I am an ardent viewer of the series and admirer of their friendship. Yet, here was my teacher telling me to never let anyone know everything about me. Somethings must stay - under the veil.

Whenever I try to get hold on to some news on the news channels, often I am witnessed to something like this - "Sansanikhez khabhar.... Parda faash...." ("Breaking News...Revealed"). Something gets revealed every now and then shooting up the TRPs. Corrupt politicians, sports persons, business men, Gurus, Leaders, Powerful men... everyone has things under the veil. And the veil is removed they are left ashamed of the things revealed. So, that's one type of things under the veil.

A year or two back, I was writing an article on the Veil of Muslim women - whether it's a sign of oppression. It was interesting to know that many women actually liked to wear a veil. They liked to symbolically signify
that they are different. But, of course when its forced upon, something that's so pristine does change into oppression. Christians during the Holy Communion keep the bread and wine at the altar under the veil signifying it's purity. Hindus use chunari to do the same thing, let it be the pooja's thaal (plate) or the veil (Chunari) used to put on Gods' image. Long story cut short - in all the religions veil is used to hide something pristine..cover something pure contrary to what we in our lives do.

What do we use the veil for? What do we hide? Those things that we wish never get out of the closet and stay buried in always and forever. 'No one should ever know everything about you.' I know what it means now. Keep under the veil the things that mystifies people around you so that when its revealed they will be yet again mesmerized by you. The rest of things that we commonly hide and try to put under the veil are better to be known to the people who matter lest things may end up bitterly. So what do you want to put under the veil?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Being the support

I will be patient with you
for I am lifeless without you
You may trample
You may ignore
You may forget
But i won't let

We will not fail
I will be your support
You may run
You may avoid
You may detest
But I won't protest

You would need me
And that day I would be with you
For I am lifeless without you

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Kind of a Love is yours?

Love has always been an interesting subject for everyone, especially for the teens and youths! It doesn't mean that aged folks aren't interested in it. Of course they are interested as well but the FOIL (Read as Factor of Interest Level) isn't as high as the teens since its new for them. Its a feeling that they find hard to describe. Its something they spend helluva time to figure out. Love.. simpler the spelling more complex the meaning. The word itself is so huge to explain and can you believe that they have got its types and kinds as well!! Lets see does it make simpler to decode the so called word - LOVE!

AGAPE LOVE: The divine love. It defines the love that God has for his people. What are the other essential characters and features that set itself apart? It is selfless and sacrificing. You can google and find the same about this kind of love everywhere. But isn't 'Love' by its traditional definition mean the same. Love is always sacrificing  , motivated by selfless factors and known famously as DIVINE!

FRIENDLY LOVE: This kind of a love is meant to be between FRIENDS only! Neither are trespassers allowed nor are you allowed to go overboard with it. But what makes me bonkers to think is, How is it different from the rest.. The essence is same right? You love your friend with the same heart and soul. Think of your best friend.. You love him or her the same way.. in the same manner that you love God or your lover. It pains the same if your best buddy is hurt.

PARENTAL LOVE: Sacrificial, selfless.. what more? Ohh.. the essence is narrowing down to the same things right? Can you spot out a difference?

Lover's Love: When i think about this.. another question comes up in my mind.. Is love a part of romance or is romance a part of love.. ?? What is your answer? Most of the people say they are the same while some say Romance is a part of love. If so, my question to those many enlightened ones is Can you be romantic with your parents or siblings? You love them and since romance is a part of love, it implies that you can be romantically involved with everyone.. No right? So, what I believe is Romance is different from Love.. Love is a part of a romance.. So the essence of Love remains the same..

Apart from this.. there is Sibling's love, neighborly love.. and what all not! Why so many names for the same things.. Its not different. There is no need of any categorization at all. Love is itself divine, selfless, giving.. And if your love isn't so.. then its not love.. It can be anything, affection, care.. but not Love..

Your Love is just plain good ol' Love! 

Monday, June 13, 2011


A new morning.. a new day. Did you thank God for it? The feeling of gratitude is something which we forget many a times.. Being thankful for the wonderful wonderful blessings you have received. I received them too n have a firm belief that i will continue receiving them n i forget to be grateful to him. Thank you God!  

A day.. when does a day begin? Technically when the clock strikes 00:00 hrs.. Otherwise when the sun rises.. Is it? When does the day of your life begin? When you wake up late in the morning yawning and trying to steal some minutes of sleep again?? And finally when your mum or dad comes and splash a bucket of water on your face? Or when your alarm clock rings and you have to get out of your bed unwillingly since you have a busy day waiting?

If you come to think about it .. the day begins when the darkness fades.. The darkness, depression state, difficult times, times when everything seems to be messed up.. all   these fade off.. everything go away.. leading to a clear, mystical, pure day.. as pure as the dew drop over the petals in the morning. If you look at your life as a third person.. you would find your day to be so clear.. so beautiful.. but we are so busy that we are not even aware that a new day of our life has begun.. The problems that existed where only till this point of time.. Now its time you get up and work to make your new day beautiful clearing all the dark clouds out of it.. burst them... n let them rain happiness, joy and lots of laughter..

Enjoy your new day! CHEERS!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sky is endless
Sea is boundless
Sun is marvellous

Streets are walked alone by me
Songs are hummed alone by me
Love is too apart from me
Friends know nothing of me

Gone into my own shell
Lost the charm once I had
Aloof of everything around
That magic in mee is too hard to be found

Sky is endless
Sea is boundless
Sun is marvellous
Yet the world seem so LIFELESS!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Be the miracle!

"Be the miracle..." Does that line ring a bell? That is the line from the movie - Bruce Almighty... Quite a nice movie, but, ofcourse it's bollywood version was made adding up more spice with the typical Bollywood tadka. If you still didn't get which Bolly flick I am talking about, then it is - God Tussi Great Ho. But, of course I prefer the Holly one, not because I prefer Hollywood movies more, but, because they kept it simple and didn't make a mess out of it...which ultimately did happen in GTGH... And comparisons are bound to happen since its taken up..or lets say inspired of Bruce Almighty.. But, I am not here to give a review of GTGH....

I am writing this because the line which I have mentioned earlier actually 'moved' me. It is a simple thing which Morgan Freeman (God) tells Jim Carrey (Bruce) to do.. But, it holds great depth. We are a bunch of people who believe just what we can see. And we often end up asking proofs. To believe in God, we need a miracle happening right in front of us! And why should He always perform a miracle in our life? To make us believe? So much of doubts..that we at times don't even trust ourselves... Why do we need a miracle, when we ourselves can be one! A simple thing said with sheer beauty!

We are the miracle. Miracle is when an impossible thing all of a sudden becomes a possibilty and all of us have this wonderful magical power to do so. But, the important thing is that we should believe - Believe in our capability.. Have the will power and the guts to 'bring the change'. Just sitting over at a corner and blaming your luck ...blaming God..won't do you any good. Get up and be the miracle.

Too big things I am speaking about...Am I? Yeah I know.. all of us have got another excuse... "Its easier to speak about it but difficult to actually implement..." Yeah right...Come on...Get a life dude... That is what exactly means about being the miracle.. Ever tried something other than just letting things to happen for you? Waiting for things to fall into their places on their own? Come on..get moving... no one else will do it for you..

Even in the smallest of things in our lives..we can be the miracle.. we can do the unexpected... Think of the ways, the things which you were not able to do until now...things which you wanted to do but couldn't just because of some silly stuck up reason of yours...Its high time since miracles has happened around in our locality, right? Lets just surpise them by being one.. By doing those better things of our life which the world didn't expect of us...

Smile when you are in the biggest of troubles...Get up when you have no where to go...Fight until ur last breath...You have the power...Be the miracle and glorify Him...Can you be one?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My award

Just now received an award.. n well it was unexpected...n it is

Yeah u read it right... "Cherry on top award" ... wel.. when I read the later bit abt beautiful blogs with that litl bit xtra.. I was flattered... In fact I still am ....

So, here I go... About the few rules that were mentioned when I received this award...

1. You need to thank the person who awarded it to you...

2. Copy the award and just write it up in your blog

3. Mention 3 things which you love about yourself

4. Post a pic which you love

5. Tag another five people whom you wanna pass on this award to!


Okay then here it starts

1. Well..since I din't kinda xpect dz award so have not prepared a speech or something (sounds lyk bollywd celebs receiving IIFA!!)... Anyway...would just love to thank Deepshika for being wonderful enough to award this to me.. Thanks a ton.. coz appreciation always matters!

2. The second part, I just did... hehehehe... m nice at copying!! (Just kidin... I hardly did that in xams! Too borin eh? Thats me!)

3. I love about myself... 3 things?? that is something which makes me dizzy now!
Okay then let me try...

  a. That i can write a bit ...
  b. That i just love my friends lyk anything...
  c. That i can understand people at tyms quite well... (psyhcological stuff and all...)

Yay! I know how to love myself.... yippeee...
 okay bak to business now...


At least for now... I just have that pic in my PC which I like quite a bit... Its not something which i just love to the core... but yeah that is cute...

5. well about tagging now... how to do it?? I mean the hyperlink tng... wait... just lemme find it out... Okay I got it... the link option ryt.... lemme try...

a. Appe...
b. Cherry
c. Adi
d. Fittay
e. n well... the fifth one is deepshika herself... n no m not copying dz one the way she did...(m serious...damn serious!!) ... okay no seriously.... dz one is for her..but since she already has the award .. I don't mind keeping it with myself... heheheh...

K i guess my job is done... Is it??

yeah...anyway.. yayayay!! I got an award..... :)