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Monday, June 21, 2010

What's In A Name?

Funny, but as soon as we hear a name quite a lot of things run in our mind! And the first and foremost thing that crosses our mind is - RELIGION! As soon as a name is spoken up, and bang on, our ears convery the message to the nerve cells and the grey cells judge the religion of the name spoken! Quite a mystery of a process! A Khan or an Ali is categorized as a Muslim. A Kapoor or a Sharma has to be a Hindu while a George or Matthew is deemed as a Christian! What a wonderful  way of categorizing people and our incredible brain does it all in seconds! All of us are so much cool in judging and sizing up each and every one in front of us.

Rightly written by the talented dialogue writers of the movie - A Wednesday and superbly delivered by the master of acting skills, Sir Naseeruddin Shah, ' Insaan naam mei mazhab dhoond leta hai' (Humans find out religion in a name!)

Divisions! So many of them! A line is drawn almost every where! Why do we love complicating things? I mean is being a Khan or a Sharma or a John far more imortant than being a human? As if this wasn't all...We have castes, races...and what all. To add cherry on the top, we have one more addition which has become quite popular now - GOTRAS! I wasn't even aware of any such division, but I was enlightened a few months back, thanks to the controversy revolving around it!

How much more divisions do we need? Can't we just raise ourselves above these divisions for once and for all? Forever...Possible??? Even the Almighty and the most powerful one might be thinking, 'kitna badal gaya insaan!'

So, next time when anyone asks what's in a name, you exactly know the answer. Don't you?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Took a long long break.... And in the last 2 years, so many things happened and so many things changed... But changes are bound to happen. There is only one thing that doesn't change and that is... Everyone has 24 hours in a day... The way you use it is what brings the change!

I don't know how i used my 24 hours of every day in the last two years...Do i have any regrets? May be... I would need time to sort that question out!

K..So , from now on i'll update my blog...hope so regularly! Till then chew on this...

"Do not avoid a void in anyone's heart...may be you too will have it one day!"

Hey don't chew too hard! Was just thinking and that line cropped up in mind...and of course its mine... Who else can write all nonsense stuffs like this? Hahaha....

Have a great day!