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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Things that used to be
Have all now changed precisely
Better did it use to be
But, now, bitter it is....

Why do things change?

When they shouldn't be
Feelings of anguish creep on
When the old times are remembered upon

How nice it was together
Whatever be the weather
We always had great pleasure
But, now you do not seem to be bothered

Hardly we meet
Seldom we greet

For hours we used to talk
But, now, ticking fast is the clock
You haven't got few minutes to spare
You seem to hardly care

Best friends we used to be
But, now, I can feel you going away from me
Still waiting for you I am
Hoping one day you will come back

Alone, a lot alone do I feel
Hopeless, dejected and without any zeal
Will I be ever healed?
Or should I long to be killed?