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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Kind of a Love is yours?

Love has always been an interesting subject for everyone, especially for the teens and youths! It doesn't mean that aged folks aren't interested in it. Of course they are interested as well but the FOIL (Read as Factor of Interest Level) isn't as high as the teens since its new for them. Its a feeling that they find hard to describe. Its something they spend helluva time to figure out. Love.. simpler the spelling more complex the meaning. The word itself is so huge to explain and can you believe that they have got its types and kinds as well!! Lets see does it make simpler to decode the so called word - LOVE!

AGAPE LOVE: The divine love. It defines the love that God has for his people. What are the other essential characters and features that set itself apart? It is selfless and sacrificing. You can google and find the same about this kind of love everywhere. But isn't 'Love' by its traditional definition mean the same. Love is always sacrificing  , motivated by selfless factors and known famously as DIVINE!

FRIENDLY LOVE: This kind of a love is meant to be between FRIENDS only! Neither are trespassers allowed nor are you allowed to go overboard with it. But what makes me bonkers to think is, How is it different from the rest.. The essence is same right? You love your friend with the same heart and soul. Think of your best friend.. You love him or her the same way.. in the same manner that you love God or your lover. It pains the same if your best buddy is hurt.

PARENTAL LOVE: Sacrificial, selfless.. what more? Ohh.. the essence is narrowing down to the same things right? Can you spot out a difference?

Lover's Love: When i think about this.. another question comes up in my mind.. Is love a part of romance or is romance a part of love.. ?? What is your answer? Most of the people say they are the same while some say Romance is a part of love. If so, my question to those many enlightened ones is Can you be romantic with your parents or siblings? You love them and since romance is a part of love, it implies that you can be romantically involved with everyone.. No right? So, what I believe is Romance is different from Love.. Love is a part of a romance.. So the essence of Love remains the same..

Apart from this.. there is Sibling's love, neighborly love.. and what all not! Why so many names for the same things.. Its not different. There is no need of any categorization at all. Love is itself divine, selfless, giving.. And if your love isn't so.. then its not love.. It can be anything, affection, care.. but not Love..

Your Love is just plain good ol' Love!