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Friday, September 28, 2007


Chapter 1

YEAR - 2447

'Our earth sustained the major havocs in the past years।One of the major incidents was that of the World War III which occured in the year 2,107. It was a nuclear war and caused destruction all over the world. Many countries could not even be traced. They were removed from the face of the earth.Only minor areas of countries like India, Pakistan,U.K, France and U.S. sustained. People overcame this shock with a great deal of difficulty. But, it was of no avail as after a few years nature spelled disaster. Due to global warming and other factors the weather of our planet underwent a drastic change. People faced extreme and harsh summers and winters. People died, living was next to impossible. But, the word impossible itself spells as i m possible and so humans found out a way to sustain again. Science and technology took a step forward to embrace life. A few thousand people survived the wrath of nature. Most of the parts of our earth became desolate and lifeless,' I read silently while running my fingers over 'The History of the Earth'. ' And now again we are here to face something. Something which is a hindrance between us and life,' I thought. I glanced onto my watch and winded up everything quickly. I kept the book back on the rack where it originally belonged to.
I pressed one of the buttons on my watch and I was soon sucked into the atmosphere.... I got a feeling of too many interstices around me. I was feeling sick, but, soon to my relief... I reached my room..and then, suddenly something sprang on me and it was then, I realized that it was not 'something' , but, 'someone'.... It was my best friend - Bozoo. It is my pet dog. "Bozoo , get off from me. I am not your dinner tonight," I retorted pushing him aside and helping myself to my feet again.


Alone, all alone , that's what I am,

To whom should I spill my beans?

With whom should I share my keens?

All I have is a sheet of paper,

On which I can pen down what I feel.

I wish it would talk to me,

I wish it would respond to me.

But, all it does, is to lend an ear to me.

There is so much of hustle and bustle around.

But, no one to have a quiet word with me.

Helpless and dejected do I feel...

But with whom should I share my keens.

As all I have is a sheet of paper,

which cannot console me.

That's what I am, alone

all alone in my teens.