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Monday, June 13, 2011


A new morning.. a new day. Did you thank God for it? The feeling of gratitude is something which we forget many a times.. Being thankful for the wonderful wonderful blessings you have received. I received them too n have a firm belief that i will continue receiving them n i forget to be grateful to him. Thank you God!  

A day.. when does a day begin? Technically when the clock strikes 00:00 hrs.. Otherwise when the sun rises.. Is it? When does the day of your life begin? When you wake up late in the morning yawning and trying to steal some minutes of sleep again?? And finally when your mum or dad comes and splash a bucket of water on your face? Or when your alarm clock rings and you have to get out of your bed unwillingly since you have a busy day waiting?

If you come to think about it .. the day begins when the darkness fades.. The darkness, depression state, difficult times, times when everything seems to be messed up.. all   these fade off.. everything go away.. leading to a clear, mystical, pure day.. as pure as the dew drop over the petals in the morning. If you look at your life as a third person.. you would find your day to be so clear.. so beautiful.. but we are so busy that we are not even aware that a new day of our life has begun.. The problems that existed where only till this point of time.. Now its time you get up and work to make your new day beautiful clearing all the dark clouds out of it.. burst them... n let them rain happiness, joy and lots of laughter..

Enjoy your new day! CHEERS!